Partners in innovation.
Zenith and Formway.


We’re a group of designers, engineers, and dreamers who want you to love our products.

Designed by Formway

Denn has been designed by Formway, a research-led design studio that collaborates with the world’s most respected furniture and performance seating brands. Inspired by Formway’s subconscious sitting philosophy, Denn is an unsurpassed example of functional, environmental, and aesthetic innovation that enhances your work-life while respecting the planet.

Creating a rich partnership

Great design is a collaboration.

Zenith and Formway have created a chair that changes the way you and your team work individually and together. Denn is a response to our intimate understanding of how the modern workspace creates hybrid environments, where people are continually switching between task working, collaborative meetings, and casual touch-downs through the day.

Our design and research teams have observed, listened, investigated, experimented and amassed layers of knowledge to give you a chair that supports you, your values, and your culture.

Promoting a culture of productivity through innovation and design.

By understanding people’s conscious and subconscious movements, we’ve developed the most innovative chair for the modern workspace.

Our Sustainability Promise

Denn embraces the post-plastic era, upcycling low grade waste materials into innovative furniture. Each part of the Zenith business is built on sound principles of sustainability.